Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Givers Reward

One morning the Holy Spirit said to me, "I want you to be a giver today."
In my circumstances that morning, I said to Him, "I really don't know what that would be or how it could be done."

He said, "Don't worry I will lead you."

That morning, a homeless man showed up needing a ride to Town to take his dog to the vet. Twenty five miles from the mountain. I took him. I had some gas and a truck to give.

Later, a man showed up wanting a few walking stick blanks for a church related kids project. I gave them to Him because I had some.

Then, there was the kid who needed gas to get home. I found a twenty dollar bill laying on the ground not too far from where he was , , , he got the gas he needed and went home to his parents . . .

Some where in the Book it says, "Every gift you give will come back to you." it might not be today or tomorrow and sometimes it will come in the shalom you experience just doing good because it is good to do it . . .

"Jesus suffered the cross . . . FOR the JOY that was set before Him." Hebrews 12
Joy is the givers reward.

To be an imitator of God, using Christ as my example, (Ephesians 5), I have to learn To be a GIVER, For God so loved the world He GAVE . . .

Like everything else I have to learn about God I have to practice it to get good at it. Being a god like giver requires having eyes to see what someone really needs.

Maybe that is done by giving a ride to the grocery store to someone who needs a lift.
Maybe it is, spending time with someone.
Maybe it is in giving a kind word to someone.
Maybe it is sharing a meal with someone.

It aint always about money and building Cathedrals, even if the Preacher says it is..
(Don't get me wrong here, I enjoy a good cathedral as much as anyone.
I'm just sayin, our true Tabernacle is in Heaven, "Store up your treasure in Heaven where moth and rust do not destroy."
The question is How so I do that? There are as many answers to that question as there are people, preachers, and denominations.
It is the answer you hear spoken in your own heart by the Holy Spirit that matters.

Give to someone with a pure heart.
Doing good should be done just because it is good to do it and for the Joy it brings to the Giver, and maybe it is the way God works for the Giver and the Receiver.

Give to someone in need with a pure heart, there are NO Qualifiers in giving.
Doing good should be done just because it is good to do it.

Have ya ever noticed God don't talk much, He just 'DOES' most a the time

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