Sunday, July 13, 2014

Called to Peace

A lot a the time people live the way they do because they can't live the way other people want them too. They don't have the tools. I know; I am one of 'those.'

When I came to Jesus, 35 years ago, I was a terribly broken person. I didn't believe anyone really loved me or cared for me. I didn't know how to live around people, still don't.   In a lot a ways, I am still both of those things . . . Broken and socially dysfunctional . . .

What is different about me, in these last days of my life, is that I finally know 'Someone' really loves me; in spite of my broken and dysfunctional state. 

In that, I have found two missing elements in my life; peace and a strange thing called JOY.

That has made all the difference. Ya are called to peace kids. Go where the peace is; The Prince of Peace . . . Yeshua/Jesus!
If He loves us in our dysfunction then He loves us in whatever state we are in. He becomes our strength, when we FINALLY let Him.

"If the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead, lives in us, It will also quicken (enliven) our mortal bodies" Paul of Tarsus

If we choose to live where Peace is, eventually we will have Peace; in us Peace is a person . . . The Prince of Peace.

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