Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Planning that Leads to Success

Proverbs tell us, "Good planning leads to success."
We have plans for ourselves and others.  We are always willint to pin our plans on others aren't we?
Other people have plans for us and themselves.  They are more then willing to share their plan for our lives aren't they?

God has a plan for our good and not for evil, so we might have a Future and a Hope.

What I have to ask myself is this, whose plan am I following TODAY; mine, someone else's or the plan with a future and a Hope;  which is God's plan?

"There is a Hope that does not disappoint, because the Holy Spirit has poured out the Love of God in our hearts"
Romans 5:5 The Love of God is Jesus!  What's in our Heart?

Our Hope is always tied to our plans . . . or is it His plan that is always tied to our Hope?

Jesus came so me might have Life and that more ABUNDANTLY!  Jesus is LIFE!

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