Thursday, July 17, 2014

Some Thoughts About Money

Just because the money sometimes goes away, our faith and Trust in God shouldn't, should it? It's just a test kids, try to pass it.

He's got an answer, just wait for it and then do it.

It is the doer of the WORD who is blessed, not always the one who has all the money.
Possessions are not, true wealth, they are fun, but they are not TRUE wealth. Faith and Trust in God are true wealth!

When ya got that and it is real, you will have everything you need and abundantly more

When I had wealth everbody was in someway courteous and friendly. They went out of their way to curry my favor. When I gave all my wealth away and moved to the mountains, well they just disappeared!
Wonder why that is . . . I'm the same person, just without wealth.
"The LOVE of money is the ROOT of all evil." Words of Jesus

Where does real help come from? Worldly riches, worldly power, or does it come from somewhere else?

God loves poor people because they generally Trust Him more . . . . They have to.

Father forgive us today for depending on our money more then we do you. Help us to Trust you, even when there is no money.

Habakkuk 3:17Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

17 For even if the fig tree doesn’t blossom,
and no fruit is on the vines,
even if the olive tree fails to produce,
and the fields yield no food at all,
even if the sheep vanish from the sheep pen,
and there are no cows in the stalls;

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