Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Little Pool of Water . . (A Meditation from Psalms 95)

There was a little pool of water way back in the wilderness. It was a very small pool of water.
Though it was the only water around for miles in any direction very seldom did any one weary for a drink stop there. You see the water was bitter. In the eyes of many travelers it was of no value and never would be . . .

Then a man, who knew of the pool, led some people there to drink. The people complained and criticized his leadership; as many are wont to do.

The man heard a still small voice inside him say, "See that little sycamore tree over there; take a bit of its bark and throw it in the pool; the water will become sweet again.

The man did so. Somehow the wood from that little lonesome tree changed the pool of water for ever. The people rejoiced!
The pool was no longer called Meribah . . . .(Bitter)

Amazing what the application of a little Sycamore wood can do. They say the cross Christ died on was made from Sycamore . . . . hmmmm

Be like the pool. Don't worry bout what people think of ya, Jesus has a bit a that wood for us too . . . It'll sweeten us right up, then the whole world will want a drink!

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