Monday, February 23, 2015

Thing's to Come

'Things to Come”

Well near time for me to go . . . I'd tell ya more, but I guess I am now
Just some old news. Don't forget the One I've told you of, He is still King of all that is above!
Soon He will be here and your time to have found what you were really searching for will have run out like the sand close to the shore.
He said, 'they will run to and fro and their hearts will fail them for the fear of things to come.' So just look up and you will see Him coming in the clouds His Sons and Daughters to bring more of His great Love.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


A little thought on prayer and always asking for it when ya need it . . . I learned this the hard way by losing everything I had including my health.

Consider this: We all have to learn to be at peace with our self , with life,  and our circumstances for our spirit to be healed. Healing Aways begins there.  It is proactive and not reactive.  Romans 8:28

It is hard in ourselves to do that sometimes. because we are overwhelmed with the size of the problems that face us instead of the size of the God who loves us.

Jesus was at perfect peace, when in the boat during the storm. (In fact he was asleep) The disciples however weren't at peace.
Jesus said to them, 'Oh you of LITTLE faith.'
Later Paul said, 'The life I NOW live is by the Faith OF Jesus. Not faith IN Jesus.
Our faith in Jesus is what opens the door to the faith OF Jesus.

Jesus has big faith and He will exchange His Big faith for our little faith every time we ask Him to.

And in that, no matter the storm of life we are presently in, we WILL cross over to the other side of the Lake and not drown in the storm.
'Ask that your joy might be full.'
"Oh what needless grief we bear all because we don't take everything to Him in prayer."

Just talking about faith is not faith, We got to do what He actually said about prayer and then learn to pray without ceasing . . That's how real faith and prayer work.

He asked us,  'Why do you call me  Lord Lord, why don't you try actually doing the things I say?'  I think he meant, among other things, to actually get grounded in the word, know what it says, apply it to our circumstances and to actually begin to live by faith and prayer.  all done from a place of victory and not defeat.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


'The Gift That Was Given'

The gift that was given
Sprang forth from the ground
'Twas thought to be hidden
But in that it did not abound

The gift that was given
Finally brought me to see
A joyful sight no eye could see
And caused me to hear
A Glorious sound no ear could hear

The gift that was given
Full of Mercy, solace, and Grace
Of that terrible Hound
Had not one trace

The gift that was given
I did freely receive
'Twas freely given
When first I chose
To believe

In the gift that was given
I forever abide
Living in it's rich Grace
I now reside

In the gift that was given
I've found that Great Seed
Promised long ago

For in my heart it has risen
For which it did bleed
In that I've been given
All I will ever need


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Song of the Beaver

I'm not a poet.  I have never written poetry nor even read it much.  Everyday since my heart stopped I've been hearing poetry in my spirit . . .  Here's the latest.

At dawns first light
The spirit of the Beaver
called to me

He said without remorse
and with some force
come and see

You who have eyes to see
And ears to hear
Even now the axe is laid
To the root of the tree

Two have fallen
And one remains
Soon I am coming
With healing in my wings

To remove from you
all your pain
And in that
There will be so much gain

So let not your heart
Be troubled
Neither let it be afraid
nor given to despair
For the foundation has
Already been laid

As I was reading from Mark, looking at the trees in the pic, the wind blew my pages.  I tried to turn them back but every time I did they blew  right back to this passage; Luke 3:4-11
 It's a Mystery . . .

Wednesday, February 18, 2015



While in sweet repose
It came to me
On the wings
of a dream
and true it is
I suppose

It is a terrible thing
To always be torn
Between destiny
And the past

You can't change the one
And will never know the other
Until you finally
At last

To go in search of the one
And finally be done
With the other
Which is of course
Only the past
At long last


Life Above the Sun

'Life Above the Sun'

A poem
'Life Above the Sun'

I often wonder
What it would be like
To live above the sun

What would I see
From so lofty a height
From which the Universe is bathed in so much light

Where each ray
Would display
The location of it's flight

But alas
I can only imagine
The joy it might bring
And the songs it would sing

Crossing the Great Divide
Which heart
Would it provide some
Brief respite
Heralding the end
of it's long night

For under the Sun
I can only see
It's bright race
Only when it turns
it's great face
In his humble Grace


Tuesday, February 17, 2015


A Christian man asked me once what I called my self . . .

I am called, by my Jewish brothers, a 'Messie," (not a term of endearment I assure you).
By my Gentile brothers, I am called by many other "names" equally displeasing.
By my Indian brothers, 'Halfbreed.'

My real Brother, calls me 'Friend.'

My real name means 'Beloved of God.'

He said, 'If they hated me they will hate you also.'
I have seen that to be true. Took me a lot a years to accept it.
As you might suppose . . .

Nowadays, I am good with all my 'names;' (Those that are true and those that aren't so true). I've made my peace with name calling, and I am learning to love you all.
Just don't expect me to come outta the woods any time soon. OK?

In the woods I call myself "Blessed."

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Brush With Death

I know the life I've lived
If you knew it, you would have to agree
I deserve not a thing from Above
Not even one plea
While I laid in the mud
Asking Him for one breath
All the while
Hearing the steps of Death
I came to see
It would have been just
To once again
Become only dust.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Maschiach in Torah

Yitz' chak said to Avraham,  "I see the the fire and the wood but where is the lamb for a burnt offering?"
Avraham said," God will provide himself the lamb for the burnt offering."
( B'resheet 22:7-8)

Later God said,  "No one shall appear before me without an offering"
(Sh'mot 34:20)

Then in the primary book of the Law or Teachings, (the Torah) the first chapter is devoted to describing the acceptable offering!  (Offerings were made for the atonement of the person making the offering. Vayikra (Leviticus) chapter one.

"The offering shall be from the herds and the flocks it shall be male without blemish"
vs 3
(Self explanatory I think) 
see 1 Peter 1:19 "It was the precious blood of Christ, the sinless, spotless Lamb of God."

"and he (the priest), shall put his hand on the 'head' of the offering.
Yeshua is the 'head' of the body."  Colossians 1:18

"Aaron's sons shall shall bring the blood and sprinkle the blood around the Alter."
vs 5
It was the Cohen, (Priests), of Yeshua's day that brought him to the cross where his blood was sprinkled.

"and he, shall 'flay' the burnt offering  and cut it into it's peices"
 vs 6
Yeshua was given 40 lashes 'flaying' him to the bone and literally cutting his body to shreds.

"But his inwards and his legs shall be washed with water"
vs 9
When the Centurion pierced his side water and blood flowed from his side and down onto his legs.  His inwards and legs were washed with water.

You see the acceptable offering, that atones for us is YESHUA ben David the Maschiac.  "No one will come before me without an acceptable offering."
God has provided our offering for us . . .
Do you 'see' it . . . .