Friday, September 5, 2014

What is that Lowing of Sheep?

"There is nothing new under the Sun," said Solomon, the Teacher.

What God did in the past he is still doing today. The stories of the Garden, Creation, the Patriarchs, the Hebrew Children, Pharoah, the Wilderness, the Promised land, The Judges, the Kings, The Prophets . . . while these stories are true, in every detail, they are also meant to be a metaphor from God, if you will; of just how he works in our own lives, the Heirs of Salvation.

Take the Promised land for instance. My ancestors were told to rid the land of all who dwelt there . . . . they didn't. Remember "Saul's lowing of Sheep" If only he had followed Samuel's instruction . . . Even then, Saul wanted to APPEAR as though he had done no wrong . . . to the people. He wasn't quick to repent like his successor David did after committing murder and adultry.

We are told by Jesus to get rid a some stuff too aren't we?

Yet, We like Saul, are more concerned about what the people will think of us, then just admitting we blew it.

Or we have this problem or that problem. Kids our problems are why we need Jesus . . . He is not amazed or surprised that we have problems, but maybe he is when we trust Him enough to just be real about it. He is an ever present source of help in time of need. He's here to help us not beat us up!
It is a story about GRACE!

( Baaaa . . . There's that dang sheep lowin again.)

We are told to, 'Walk in the light as He is in the light' . . . that's just another way of saying, "Get real! That means, God wants us to come clean about our own weaknesses . . . . His grace is sufficient for Us! His Love covers it all when we just get real about stuff.

The tides and the ebb and flow of the Ocean will tell you that, if you sit and ponder it's message . . . . .long enough

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