Tuesday, September 23, 2014


My Old Dad always said, "Until ya are ready to put up, maybe ya should just shut up."
When I was a kid, my Dad was a 'Ditch Rider' I think he made about 75 dollars a week. We lived in a little one room cabin.

We hunted and fished for our food. If we didn't, we didn't eat.
Hunting has become a multi - gazillion dollar industry in America since those days.
Many people make their living from it. Maybe in a different way then my family did all those years ago but they 'make their living just the same.'

It is also the money generated by hunters and the hunting industry through the sale of licenses and the taxes on hunting equipment that pay for habitat and wildlife enhancement programs that not only support the animals we hunt, but have propagated their existence in America for over 100 years!

No other group of people do this and especially NOT the anti hunter groups.

Listen kids, who don't get it . . . Here in Montana . . . we who live here . . . still hunt to eat . . . we enjoy the hunt and the food and we are still thankful we still have some a both.
If you would come spend a while with me . . . you would understand.

Ya see, a real hunter respects and loves the animal they hunt and they prove it by paying the bill . . .
Haven't we lost enough freedoms in America?

When there are no more Supermarkets and America becomes the 3rd world nation our government is working so hard to make it . . . ya all who are against hunting now . . . will become hunters then, or ya will starve.

A Shopper and a Hunter have this in common, they both eat.

The difference between a Shopper and a Hunter, is that the Hunter does his or her own killing. A Shopper lets someone else do the killing for him or her.

That is how and why we eat. The process is the same, just a different killer.

So what is that lowing of sheep on your plate . . . .???

"He gave us the animals and the plants for our food," but to eat them someones got to kill em, don't they . . . ?
Somethin about specks and logs isn't it? Or is it just straining at the Gnats and lettin the Camels go . . .
Freedom is about having choices. Doing good is about doing something to enhance someones freedom and life, not reducing them.

It's not about constantly telling people what's wrong with them, they know that. It's about being truly free to pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness and to make room for others to do the same.

Whether or not I agree with or understand the choices a free person makes is irrelevant. What is relevant is that he had the freedom to choose.

Ya can be a Shopper or a Hunter but they both involve killing .  .  .

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