Monday, September 29, 2014

Finding Help

It's not just that we go to the Throne of Grace, for help, it is that we believed and acted on what we heard when we got there, that gets us help from the Throne of Grace. We got to do both. Go and Believe
Hebrews 4:1-2

Ever notice, when stuff starts hittin the fan, there is a sense of fear and dread about what the possible outcome might be? Well the Good News is it doesn't have to be that way!

We can now come boldly to the throne of GRACE, (the source of unmerited help,) that we might obtain mercy, (undeserved help), to help us, you and me, in time of need!
Hebrews 4:16
Jesus made that possible! Not our goodness, His!
We can REST assured in the knowledge of that!

The rest is found by ADDING faith or trust in the Goodness of God to what we hear in and from the word of God; an abiding restful sense that God is at work to do and to will in our situation,

FRETTING is not RESTING . . . and it is not Faith!

Have a bowl full of Faith this morning, It will give ya more then any 'Wonder Bread' ya can eat . . . Read Hebrews 4 before ya go out the door and face down your Giants today; I did!

When we fail to add Faith to what we hear from the word of God, it just causes everthing to go to hell in a hand basket. But when we do add faith all things become possible. Heck, it's possible then, for even me, to have somethin good happen!
(And you that know me, know that only God could do such a thing . . . .)

Ya see, Trusting is being confident of what we hope for and being convinced about the things we do not see . . .
It was for this that scripture attested the merit of the people of old."
Hebrews 11:1-2
Their merit was that they TRUSTED God, to give help, Not that they earned his help.
Go ahead, find ONE person in the Bible, besides Jesus, who earned Gods help.
God gives help, he doesn't sell it.

Our goodness and perfection cannot and does not earn God's help. we don't earn his help because we don't have any goodness or perfection that approximates God's standard for perfection.
Our merit was earned for us by the blood and resurrection of Yeshua.
That's what we are sposed to put our faith in.

Anything else is not good enough. Jesus is good enough for us and ya can only find rest in that!!
(see Hebrews chapters 4 and 11)

You've read that God will not allow us to be tempted or tested more than we can bear but with the test will make a WAY of escape, right?
The Way of escape, is faith or trust in the finished work of Christ.

Yeshua totally defeated the Accuser! Ya don't need to fear the Accuser any more because the Accuser is ALL READY defeated.
Ya don't have to fight him . . . just refer him to the Throne of GRACE!
If ya are under the blood . . . He will get His rejection notice when He gets to the right hand of God where Yeshua now sits.

Why do ya think Jesus is sitting down? It's because His work is finished!

Therefore, there is no more condemnation to those that are IN Christ!
Oh and don't forget to send the people who the Accuser uses to accuse you to the Throne of GRACE also . . . They will thank you for it in the end . . .
Ya all 'be' blessed taday, cause it's a choice

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