Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Apostle John, the Lolli-Gagger

Things are not always what they seem are they? There is no end to 'specks' to pluck out of the eyes others, is there?

Is the plucking out of them a calling, or a ministry, or a just log in our own eye?
'Plucking' is always a human reaction to someone we think is not where they should be. That reaction only reflects what we assume about others. My question is; are any of us where we should be, performance wise?

When Peter questioned Jesus about John who was lolli-gagging behind, Jesus said, you follow me and leave him to me. We always got something to say to those we think are lolli-gagging don't we?

Amazing thing about John the 'Lolli-Gagger' He was the only apostle to die of natural causes and He wrote John, 1 -3 John, and the Revelation!
Leave the Lolli-gaggers to Jesus. 'For it is God who is able to make us stand,' not us . . . .

As a person who writes, I use words. Words are just pictures to me.
They are neither inherently good or bad. It is the intent of our words that is always the problem when they are not tempered by the Holy Spirit.
Do I sometimes do that? Yes, I do, because I am in the flesh, until Jesus comes for me.

If I use a word or phrase that offends you, think about my intent, not the word I chose. Intent is the thing that comes out of our hearts and saometimes brings words of life and sometimes death, when as I said my words are not of the Spirit and are of the flesh. The more I die to self the more my words will e of the Spirit.
Intent is the abundance of the heart that comes out of us and defiles us.

Even the word of God can be used as a weapon for harm and not for good. Satan uses it that way doesn't he. He uses PART of the word and so do we sometimes.

Words are often times just deemed good or bad by what we believe; at the time we read or say them. Don't know about you, but God is changing my thinking and saying every day.

In the end, it's not about our performance. It's about what we individually believe.
Whether you like that, or not, is of no consequence. It is how God planned it.

True honesty will always come to the same conclusion; We all fail and come short of perfection every day.
Ya see, that's Why Jesus had to come and be perfect for me. If I could be perfect, then He wouldn't have needed to come.

I post what I post here for a lot of reasons, they are not always readily understandable with just a surface look.
Sometimes they are just for fun, and sometimes they are just a reflection of a speck in my eye and sometimes they are a reflection of the Human being I am.

Jesus said, "look under the surface . . ."

My posts are posted with purpose and they are meant to get me to look at my own heart. That's what Jesus did . . . he tried to get us to look at our hearts . . . to see what is there already, and what is missing . . .

So lighten up and just let it go, if it offends you; cause gonna tell ya, responding out of correction to offenses . . . Is just plucking specks and is called Judgement and Jesus already took my judgement for me . . . didn't He yours?

Post Script:

Ya see, John was the first of the disciples who came to understand that Yeshua loved him, ALL the Time!! Even when he wasn't right . . .
There is no fear in Love; For it is the Perfect Love in me that threw and is throwing my fears away and it is the perfect love of God in me that is at work, Not me!
The good work God began in me will finally be completed when Yeshua returns, and not before. For now, I am only CONSIDERED righteous . . . but then . . . I will be . . . righteous . . . .

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