Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Active Faith

Saying what I believe, helps me to believe what I am saying.
Saying what I feel,, works the same way
Why? Faith comes from hearing; hearing the word of God as it is spoken out of our own mouths. Let the Redeemed of the Lord 'say' so . . .

It is a Law of God . . . (for the legalists out there)
What we say is generally a purty good indication of what we believe

The things of God can only be accessed by an Active Faith or Trust in Him, and what he says. If we fall apart when things don't seem to be going our way then our Faith or Trust in God through Jesus is not yet fully active, is it?

For instance:
Need a job? The Job for you, in God's plan, was planned for you already.
Just let him lead you into it. (see below) . . . go on ahead, tell Him you want His plan and His leading, then see what happens. (hint: ya really got to want His plan first and not yours)

"We are called to good works, planned for us by God BEFORE the foundation of the world." Paul of Tarsus

When you doubt, just declare the above verse till it manifests. It will, if ya really want it . . .

 "For without Faith it is impossible to please God." Our own efforts, by themselves, aren't good enough to please him, but Faith in Him, and His Word, does . . . Please Him.

Pretty important that Faith stuff I reckon . . .

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