Friday, August 29, 2014

Following Instructions

While I was caring for my Mom, in Washington, everybody was asleep. While sitting on the deck after doing the morning chores, I heard this instruction, "Go for a walk."
It was already 95 degrees outside and getting hotter.
Seemed kinda foolish to me to go out in that heat . . . but I obeyed.

As I walked I heard this instruction, "Walk to the river."
That was 7 miles away! That seemed even more foolish! I obeyed.

When I got there and sat where he told me to. I heard this instruction. "There is a woman named Karen coming. Talk to her." She showed up within two minutes after I had sat down where He told me to.

As I talked with her, I was using her name, "Karen." I had forgot He had told me her name while on my way to the river.

After concluding our conversation, I prayed with her.

She said, as I was leaving, "I didn't tell you my name and that is really freaking me out!"
I smiled and said, that happens sometimes . . . .

God gives us Help by giving us an instruction. The reason we don't often get the Help we need is because we don't listen for the instruction and then don't Do it.
Sometimes His instructions seem foolish to the 'wise.'

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