Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Walking with God

The Jews of old used to have over a 100 blessings they would say all day that related to everything they did.

It began when they woke up in the morning after a nights sleep:
"Adonai, thank you for causing my spirit and yours to return to my body this morning."

Can you imagine, the Blessings that would constantly be in your spirit if you did the same?

That's what Paul meant by, "Pray without ceasing" It is also what is meant by walking with God. And what the Psalmist meant when He said, "In everything let God be praised."

Enoch curiously, the seventh from Adam, (seven being the number of perfection), Is the only other person, other than Yeshua, mentioned in the Word of God, that "Walked with God," and God took him.

We can only practice walking with God but with Yeshua in us, we are counted worthy just as Enoch was. God is gettin ready to take us too . . . In a twinkling of an eye at the Last Trumpet, which, I think, is about to be sounded.

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