Monday, August 4, 2014

The Head of the Body . . .

As I was packing out of the mountains yesterday, Jesus said to me, "I am the head of the body."
As I thought about it, I realized, the brain, the eyes, the ears, the mouth, and the tongue are all in the 'Head of the body" The rest of the body can only react to what the Head thinks, the ears hear, and the mouth speaks!

Only those with an undivided mind, (which is in the Head of the Body of Christ), can receive anything good from Him. (see James)
He is the head of the body and His mind IS undivided. You are complete in Him already, by His finished work, now learn to receive good from Him.

We are the Body of Christ, He is the Head! "All the blessings of God are on the 'Head " of the righteous!"

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