Saturday, January 17, 2015

Grace and Mercy

The lid of the Ark of the testimony, or covenant, God made with Israel; the Ark God had Moshe place the emblems of God's grace and mercy toward the rebellion of man is known in Judaism as the Mercy Seat or "propititory."

It is where God spoke to Moshe and is a type of the Messiah. It is where the Blood of the sacrifice was applied.

It had the Power to make "propitious"

Propitious - God's unmerited favor or kindness applied to men. A testimony, or proof, of God's disposition to be gracious and merciful to man's rebellion and His willingness to be forgiving of sins and to bestow blessing where no blessing was/is deserved . . .

Paul said, " Yeshua became the "propitiation" for our sins.

Nothing but the blood of Jesus can make us . .  . propitious . . . again.
The perfect Lamb of God . . . the Propititory. Think on it some today. 

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