Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jehovah Rapha

The first name God revealed to the Hebrew children, when he brought them out of bondage in Egypt was "Jehovah Rapha" 'I Am the Lord who heals you!"

David tells us in Tehillim, (Psalms), 105:37 . . . "There were NONE feeble among them."
The name Jehovah is the Hebrew name attributed to The Creator.

Ya can see who the Creator is by Reading John chapter 1 and Colossians chapter 1.
The Creator, according to those passages, is YESHUA Ha' Maschiac; alias, Jesus.

'Endurance' is an important element of our Faith or Trust. (see James chapter 1)

Our faith can and will be tested when troubles come our way. Jesus said, "Troubles will come our way in the world, but to fear not for He has already overcome them, ( the troubles ya see). In that, if I continue to stand on the word of God and not what the world or my circumstances or other people tell me . . . James says, the reward is the 'Crown of Life' when the testing or troubles are finished.

'Having done all else I stand on the WORD of GOD and Not what the world says . . .
It's my choice . . . Faith or Trust in God, Jehova Rapha brings me into the Promised Land of healing and nuthin else . . .

Endurance is perfected in Troubles. When Endurance is perfected there are no Troubles that can trouble me any more.
Troubles, when faced with faith, are what causes my endurance to grow . . . So I am gonna stand on the word of God with Endurance and let my endurance grow! James said, "When troubles come it is an occasion for Great Joy! Because of the reward that comes when our endurance is mature . . . (see James chapter one NLB)

Endurance - A bearing or suffering: a continuing under pain or distress without resistance or without sinking or yielding to pressure.
To last. To continue in a state of Trust without perishing; to remain to abide.

"We believed all the way to the end."
(Russel Wilson)

Even though Green Bay was, arguably, the 'better' team in the NFC Championship game, the Seahawk's
'endurance' brought them the Crown that day.
A perfect picture of how faith works, I'd say . . .

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