Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I can only see how I look when I look in the mirror but I can see how others look without a mirror . . .

The problem with that is, without looking into the mirror occasionally, it is all too easy for me to forget how I look; but I never seem to forget how others look because I don't need a mirror to see them.

Maybe our proclivity to see the fault in others, is really just a reminder of what we see in the mirror .  .  . when we look into it . . . and soon forget . . .
But if I look into the 'perfect law that sets us all free,' (singular law, not collective law) . . . .

Wonder what the "perfect Law that sets us all free is? Don't you?
A Meditation from James 1:25-27

The tests of faith that come our way, the ones that really teach us what living a life of faith really means are the ones that give us no way to turn but up.

I've found myself, of late, wishing there was another way to learn the lessons of faith while, at the same time, looking forward, to the next lesson of faith because I'm finally seeing the peace that passes all understanding  . . the lessons of faith bring

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