Monday, December 8, 2014

Good . . .

Good contributes to diminish or remove pain. Not add it.
Good's purpose is to increase happiness or prosperity, not take it away.
( a happy mind is a prosperous mind),

Good's purpose is to be of benefit, to give an advantage.

God does Good to ALL people, however, we people sometimes choose . . . . who we will do good to and who we wont, because well, we are just people.

Good really only comes from God . . . Good is spelled like God, but with just another Zero added. Good is added to us when we go through the Door.

Jesus is that door. He said, "I am the Door when you go in and when you go out you WILL find green Pastures." John 10:9-16
God + Zero equals a relationship, not a religion
see James 1:17-18

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