Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I went to visit a friend of mine who has back and neck injuries similar to mine. He's been living on morphine for years.

I was set free from morphine, Fentanyl, and a plethora of other pain reliving addictions by the power of God.
I promise you, when that happened, I was in NO WAY worthy of the help I RECEIVED!

I found my friend covered in a blanket and bemoaning his pain. I offered to pray for him . . . he refused my offer. Even though he professes to believe.

While I was there his morphine came in the mail.

Before even opening the package and taking the morphine, his demeanor immediately changed from sorrow and depression to elation and joy . . . purty sure it is a cycle that will be repeated.

'From whence does our help come . . .?' King David

Life can be lived in the Donut hole. Surrounded by Donut; but in the hole where there is no Donut to eat and there is no help.

Help -To aid; to assist; to lend strength; a means to move forward with efficacy in purpose.

Legalistic ways of thinking are the things that keep us in the Donut Hole.
Because they either cause us or someone else to think and finally believe we somehow have to be worthy to receive help.

Isn't the fact that help is needed enough to succor help?

Under legalistic ways of thinking, No one gets help because help has to be earned.

Some think they are worthy of help, but others, not so much because they aren't yet worthy . . . Legalism requires worthiness, perfection, to get out of the Donut Hole.
If that is THE WAY . . . if human perfection is THE WAY . . .
Then why does He say He is an ever present help in time of need and why did he then say we who obviously are not yet perfect could come to Him boldly in time of need to receive the help we ALL need . . .

Legalism puts us all in the DONUT HOLE where THERE IS NO HELP.
God's Grace unmerited favor puts us on the Donut.  Grace was paid for by Jesus.

My help, from God, (and I get a lot of it), comes when I believe the help I need is already on the way.
My part is to believe until the help I need gets here.

Help from people comes by asking or begging or manipulation.
Help from God comes from 'Receiving' the help that has already been given.
'see' Hebrews 4:16

When I go to the throne of grace to receive the help, that has already been given, His answer is always, "Request granted!" or as it is written "The promises of God are yes and Amen to THOSE THAT BELIEVE."

If I preach a Gospel that negates God's grace, unmerited favor, and focuses instead on performance how could that be 'Good News?'

It aint good news at all, it is business as usual. Because, ya see, my performance aint all that good. How bout yours? In buisness, what happens when yer performance does not meet expectaion . . . Ya get FIRED.
Gospel - 'Good News' - not bad news . . . ya get it?

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