Sunday, February 22, 2015


A little thought on prayer and always asking for it when ya need it . . . I learned this the hard way by losing everything I had including my health.

Consider this: We all have to learn to be at peace with our self , with life,  and our circumstances for our spirit to be healed. Healing Aways begins there.  It is proactive and not reactive.  Romans 8:28

It is hard in ourselves to do that sometimes. because we are overwhelmed with the size of the problems that face us instead of the size of the God who loves us.

Jesus was at perfect peace, when in the boat during the storm. (In fact he was asleep) The disciples however weren't at peace.
Jesus said to them, 'Oh you of LITTLE faith.'
Later Paul said, 'The life I NOW live is by the Faith OF Jesus. Not faith IN Jesus.
Our faith in Jesus is what opens the door to the faith OF Jesus.

Jesus has big faith and He will exchange His Big faith for our little faith every time we ask Him to.

And in that, no matter the storm of life we are presently in, we WILL cross over to the other side of the Lake and not drown in the storm.
'Ask that your joy might be full.'
"Oh what needless grief we bear all because we don't take everything to Him in prayer."

Just talking about faith is not faith, We got to do what He actually said about prayer and then learn to pray without ceasing . . That's how real faith and prayer work.

He asked us,  'Why do you call me  Lord Lord, why don't you try actually doing the things I say?'  I think he meant, among other things, to actually get grounded in the word, know what it says, apply it to our circumstances and to actually begin to live by faith and prayer.  all done from a place of victory and not defeat.

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