Thursday, February 19, 2015

Song of the Beaver

I'm not a poet.  I have never written poetry nor even read it much.  Everyday since my heart stopped I've been hearing poetry in my spirit . . .  Here's the latest.

At dawns first light
The spirit of the Beaver
called to me

He said without remorse
and with some force
come and see

You who have eyes to see
And ears to hear
Even now the axe is laid
To the root of the tree

Two have fallen
And one remains
Soon I am coming
With healing in my wings

To remove from you
all your pain
And in that
There will be so much gain

So let not your heart
Be troubled
Neither let it be afraid
nor given to despair
For the foundation has
Already been laid

As I was reading from Mark, looking at the trees in the pic, the wind blew my pages.  I tried to turn them back but every time I did they blew  right back to this passage; Luke 3:4-11
 It's a Mystery . . .

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