Thursday, October 2, 2014


Yesterday, a young girl and her boyfriend came to visit me, She told me she had something called 'Narcoleptic Bi Polar disease.
I asked her what the effect of that was.

She said she had hallucinations and heard voices. I asked her if I could pray for her.
She said, "I've been told I couldn't be healed because I'm not a believer and that believers could not pray for me either." She was told that in a Church.

I asked her, were all of the people Jesus healed 'believers', when He was here? (before He was crucified and resurrected?)

She thought for a moment and said, No I guess they weren't . . .

I said, 'Now can I pray for you?' She said yes . . . Well long story short, God healed her! Now she is a believer!

Kids, that's the kinda stuff God does on my mountain of faith every day and it is because of Grace, not legalistic performance.

Abba, thank you for the one and not the Ton . . .

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