Friday, June 20, 2014

A Snapdragon Named Lazarus

Liberty Lavender Snapdragon

Recently, I was visiting with a friend who I had made flower beds for and planted with a variety of ornamentals and veges.

There was a little purple Snapdragon that looked to be dead.  Leaves were all wilted and crumbly.
My friend was preparing to pull it out of the ground.

She commented there was no hope for the plant.  She said, "I've seen this many times, I know it's dead.

I said, "Lets try something before you pull the plant up."

My friend said with conviction, "There's nothing that can be done."

I had read that morning in John 1:4, "He gives life to everything He created."  Now, I'm pretty simple in my faith and believe that when His word makes a promise well, I choose to believe it!  :)

So, I said to my friend, "Lets speak words of Life to the little plant."  She laughed and kinda made fun of me, but she agreed.  I told Abba what we needed and thanked him for it.  see Philippians 4:6-7.  Then I said "You shall live and not die and you shall proclaim the Glory of the Lord."  What proclaims the Glory of the Lord better then a beautiful flower!  Jesus created flowers for that purpose

Three days later, my friend called and said, "Come and look at my Snapdragon!"
I could tell she was excited!

When I got there, to look at the plant, three new shoots with many leaves had sprouted up and there were three new blossoms!

We now call the little Snapdragon "Lazarus."  :)

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  1. This is so cool, I love it. Lazarus, how appropriate. Thanks for sharing, keep the stories coming.