Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"Teach Your Children Well"

Teach your children to go after their dreams, even if it means living in a tent. They will learn to be grateful and content.

Teach them to make the hard decisions when they need to be made. They will learn to stay on the right path

Allow them to face hardship, even if that means they might not like you for awhile. They will learn to overcome.

Give them the power to become who they were meant to be, even if it scares you. They will learn that all things are possible.

Teach them that no matter the decision they make they are always loved and excepted. They will learn to be fearless.

When they come home, meet them with open arms, not condemnation and silly expectations. They will learn to be secure in love.

Allow them room to fail cause that's how we learn.

Always find some way to encourage their independence and to know they can always come home. They will learn to comfort others.

If we do these things we will position our kids to learn the greatest lesson of all; to trust in God for the outcome

If we don't teach em how to deal with the hard stuff, they will never have their own life, they will always be co-dependent and they will never know the value of Trusting in God.

These lessons are hard to learn after you've already become old. Trust me that's when I began to learn them and it wasn't fun.
As Steven Stills said, "Teach your children well."

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